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    By the situation had improved somewhat, but still 44 percent of blacks remained illiterate. It suppresses the growth of a society. Labels: by kye. As the rate of illiteracy grows, the harder it is for a society to adapt to advanced technology and therefore makes them undeveloped. The overall enrollment rates for 5- to year-olds rose from 51 percent in to 75 percent in
    2009 adult illiteracy rate 2009 adult illiteracy rate


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    This section, Historical Data, presents information from the date of the first Office of Education report-to the late s on. The creation of the Federal Department of Education in highlighted the importance of education. The Act of directed the Department of Education to collect and report the "condition and progress of education" in annual reports to Congress. Also some 9, college degrees had been awarded. Over 1. What path has American education taken from such modest beginnings to such an impressive present?
    2009 adult illiteracy rate 2009 adult illiteracy rate

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    Illiteracy basically refers to the inability of a person to read and write. Recent studies show that there is indeed an increasing rate of illiteracy all over the world. These rates are beneficial information because it has terrible effects on our society. The most important effect of illiteracy on the society is that it acts as an inhibitor. It suppresses the growth of a society. This means that the more illiterate people there are in a country, the harder it will be for the country to develop Fauzi,
    2009 adult illiteracy rate 2009 adult illiteracy rate
    Get information on education programs that could help you increase your earning power. Though many communities are making strides to tackle the problem, it's worsening elsewhere — in some cases significantly. Overall, the study finds, the nation hasn't made a dent in its adult-literacy problem: From to , it shows, the USA added about 23 million adults to its population; in that period, an estimated 3. How low? It would be a challenge to read this newspaper article or deconstruct a fuel bill.
    2009 adult illiteracy rate 2009 adult illiteracy rate

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