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    US News. The more you allow yourself to be naked and bask in sexual pleasure, the better you'll feel about yourself. Even with all that going for it, masturbation is still difficult for many women to talk about, much less do. There's a reason most of us feel so sleepy after those toe-curling climaxes: Orgasms physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust the body, which allow you to fall asleep quicker. While many women already know the benefits of kegels, some don't know that they can get similar benefits from masturbation. In a number of studies, women who experienced more orgasms, and overall greater frequency and satisfaction with sex — with a partner or not — were shown to have greater resistance to coronary heart disease CHD and type-2 diabetes. NY: Atlantic Monthly Press.
    health benefits of female masturbation health benefits of female masturbation

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    Psychological and emotional benefits of female masturbation

    Guys, there's no shame in getting busy with yourself. That's because regular masturbation isn't just enjoyable — it's also good for you. Here are five incredible health benefits to masturbation — and why you should take matters into your own hands right now. I mean, provided you're not in public or at work or something. A study found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by roughly 33 percent, compared to guys who only did the deed four to seven times a month. In , researchers followed up with that same group of guys from and found that those who ejaculated 8 to 12 times per month reduced their prostate cancer risk by 10 percent.
    health benefits of female masturbation health benefits of female masturbation

    Physical benefits of female masturbation

    For centuries, adolescents have been warned that the sin of self-gratification can lead to blindness, impotence, acne, and even furry palms, and in fact, some people still believe that masturbation can cause mental health problems or damage to your genitals. But that is blatantly untrue — getting sexy with yourself is actually good for you. Here, clinical sexologist Dr. Tanginika Cuascud shares eight reasons to let go of any shame and embrace your inner cochina :. It helps you love yourself more.
    health benefits of female masturbation health benefits of female masturbation
    Female masturbation is not generally a subject much discussed or even acknowledged unlike male masturbation , but there are some excellent health benefits of female masturbation you might like to learn about. One of the best health benefits of female masturbation is that it is a terrific way of relieving stress and tension. And why not? Female masturbation is also exercise! Orgasm is a real work out for your pelvic floor.
    health benefits of female masturbation health benefits of female masturbation

    13 Reasons Every Woman Should Masturbate Regularly

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