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    Finally, there are a lot of knowledgable chess collectors out there in web forums. My question is this. Hi a quick question. Include Your E-mail if you want to sell it! It is in poor shape, but still nice. Thanks, Spencer.
    vintage ivory chess set vintage ivory chess set


    Antique Chess Sets

    An Antique Ivory chess set is very valuable. These rare chess sets were made from ivory in the past, many centuries ago. They have a different form than modern day chess pieces as they reflect a different culture. Some are from the 7th and 8th centuries. Nathaniel Cook and John Jaques created the first ivory set of Staunton chess pieces in the 19th century. The Staunton style became the standard. Please note that I am not an expert for ivory chess sets, so please don't ask me about the value of these sets.
    vintage ivory chess set vintage ivory chess set

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    Subscribe in a reader. There are not a whole lot of brick and mortar chess stores out there, so I realize we fill a very particular niche in the chess world. Because of that, we get a lot of requests for things we do not normally handle. Probably the most common? Questions about antique chess sets. How much are they worth?
    vintage ivory chess set vintage ivory chess set
    Although it is full with intricate work it is not damaged. They are Brown and White as is the usual. It has been sitting in my nightstand in Germany since Prior to that it was in the attic of our home in Southern California. Rest assured it has been well looked after.
    vintage ivory chess set vintage ivory chess set

    Antique Pre-ban ivory chess set

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